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Mandarin Body Care Bundle

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Lavido’s Mandarin Body Care Bundle, carefully selected to clean, restore and moisturize – bringing out skin’s best with active natural ingredients.

Each product in Lavido's Mandarin Body Care Bundle has unique benefits on its own, but to get the most out of your skincare regimen, we have bundled our favourites together for one refreshing experience.

  • Mandarin Body Wash, 400mL
  • Mandarin Body Lotion, 120mL
  • Mandarin Hand Cream, 70mL

Skin Type: All

Size: Varies

Product Descriptions

Intoxicating Body Wash: Gently deep clean and hydrate skin, luxuriating in aromatherapeutic qualities with Lavido’s mandarin, orange and bergamot body wash. Delicately fragrant to invite relaxation throughout the day.

Aromatic Body Lotion: Nourish and protect all skin types with Lavido’s rich, lightweight mandarin, orange and bergamot body lotion, with organic essential oils to leave skin buttery soft and restored.

Nurturing Hand Cream: Repair and soften hands with Lavido’s nurturing mandarin, lemon myrtle and shea butter hand cream. With hyaluronic acid this hand cream soothes and repairs all skin types, even extremely dry skin.

    Mandarin Body Care Bundle
    Mandarin Body Care Bundle
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    What ingredients do you use?

    Organic Essential Oils
    Certified Organic Raw Ingredients
    Dermatologically Tested
    Clinically Proven
    Herbally Effective
    Plant Based
    Hyaluronic Acid

    What ingredients don't you use?

    Synthetic Alcohol
    Mineral Oil
    Propylene Glycol
    Synthetic Dyes
    Animal Testing

    Why does the colour of the product vary?

    Lavido uses a wide variety of plants, most of which are organic. Due to changes in climate, soil and other environmental factors, plants may vary in color, which will lead to some variation in product color. Color variation has no bearing on the quality and active nature of the plants and or products.

    What is the difference between "organic", "certified organic" and "natural"?

    Organic certification is related to governmental certifying bodies, which differ from country to country; and, in the United States, from state to state. It is our goal at Lavido to use organic ingredients that we can confirm are certified by reputable and best practice global bodies; to do so ensures the natural and organic ingredient we select for our products have been planted, grown and harvested at the highest global standards available.